DJ-GDK200This machine is automatic grain premade bag pack machine :suitable for 100-1000g ,different type grain ,such as crystal monosodium glutamate,seasoning,washingpowder,pesticides,chemicals,sugar,pack in premde bag




Machine feature:

1.Wide range of packaging: Suitable for all kinds of small granular materials, puffed foods, irregular materials and other bags.

2.Easy to operate: the use of PLC control, human-machine interface operating system, making the operation intuitive and convenient;

3.Convenient adjustment: replacement of the variety is completed within about ten minutes.

4.Applicable to different types of packaging bags;

5.Perfect prevention system to ensure the yield and not waste bags and materials;

6.The machine packaging parts are made of stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and safety of the materials and meet the GMP standards;

7.High degree of automation: unmanned in the whole process of weighing and packaging, automatic fault alarm occurs;

8.Part of the use of imported engineering plastics, no need to refuel, reduce pollution of materials;

9.Use oil-free vacuum pump to avoid polluting the production environment;

10.Waterproof design can be washed with water to reduce the difficulty of cleaning and improve the service life of the machine.




Machine parameters:

Meter wayCombination scale
Pack weight100-1000g
Position8 position
Function1)get bag 2)date print 3)open bag 4)filling 5)bag mouth clean 6)seal 7)seal again 8) Shaped output
Pack filmBOPP. CPP. PET 3-4side seal
Bag sizeWidth:100-200mm Length:100-300mm
Pack speed10-50bags/min
Pack accuracy≤±1%
Total weight5KW
Power supply380V  50Hz
Machine weight1000KG
Machine size1645mm*1450mm*3200mm



Auto 100-1000g Rotary Grain Packing Machine For Stand up Pouch