Equipment overview:

1.1 This machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of plane masks: after the whole roll of fabric is unwound, it is driven by rollers, and the fabric is automatically folded and wrapped.

1.2 Equipment installation and configuration requirements

(1) Appearance color: International standard warm gray 1C (standard color), according to this standard when no special instructions;

(2) Working power supply: equipment 220VAC ± 5 ﹪, 50HZ, rated power about 9KW;

(3) Compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa, the use flow rate is about 300L / min;

(4) Operating environment: temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃, humidity 5-35% HR, no flammable, corrosive gas, no dust

(The cleanliness is not less than 100,000 grade).

(5) Operator: 1 person

Equipment can meet the incoming materials and product grid

2.1 Applicable incoming specifications:

Item Number of hanging shafts Width (mm) Roll outer diameter (mm) Barrel inner diameter (mm) Weight

Fabric 3 170 ~ 200 Φ600 Φ76.2 Max 15kg

Nose bridge 1 3-7 Φ400 Φ76.2 Max 25kg

Ear strap 4 bags 3 —— —— ——

2.2 Production specifications:

Standard type: 175 * 95mm

Equipment technical parameters:

3.1 Production capacity of equipment:

(1) Production efficiency: 50-60ppm;

(2) Qualification rate of equipment production: 99% (except when the incoming materials do not meet the requirements and employees do not operate properly)

(3) Equipment failure rate: 2% (refers to the failure caused by the equipment itself)