Technological paramters
Machine ModelDJ-2B3
Weighing modelAuger filling with instant weight feedback
Filling Weight50-3000g(according to material )
Packaging Accuracy≤±1.5g(according to material )
Packaging Speed30-50 Cans/min(according to material )
Power Support380V/50-60Hz
Total Powder3.5kw
Container SizeCylindrical containers diameter of 50-180mm and a height of 50-350mm
Overall Dimensions2400*1200*2300mm
Total Weight700kg
Use Tolerance/Air pressure6-8kg/cm² 0.2m3/min

DJ-2B3 Automatic Double Auger Powder Filling Machine
This machine is automatic powder double head filling machine :suitable for 50-3000g ,different type powder ,filling in plastic glass matel bottle Jar or barrel ,speed 30-50cans per min .

1.High Accuracy and high speed  

2.Packaging powdery in cans or bottles.

3.Have double weighing and feedback system .

4. Chinese/English or custom your language in the touch screen.

5.Reasonable mechanical structure, easy to change size parts and clean up.

6.Through changing accessories, the machine is suitable for various powder products.

7.Have the functions of can support, vibration and dust extraction.

8. We use famous brand electric ,more steady .

9.Personal service- on site visits and consultation.

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